Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Chocolate - Raspberry Mousse Cakes

I made those little cakes for Valentine's Day. They have a very silky texture and every bite tastes like a kiss.  My husband loves white chocolate and I love raspberries, so it was the perfect pairing.

Both mousses taste very good together, one sweet and creamy, and the other more tart and fruity. I wish I would have made some more, but I just made two this time.

To make the decorative strip I used chocolate transfer sheets, which are acetate sheets embossed with cocoa butter and powdered food coloring. They are a great and easy way to really dress up your cakes. Read more: How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Linzer Tartlets for Valentine's Day

Are you in search for something cute to bake for Valentines Day. Then maybe these little Linzer tartlets are for you. The dough is really flavorful with lots of hazelnuts and a good amount of Kirsch. They are filled with raspberry preserves, but fell free to use any jam your sweetheart favors.

The tartlets can be baked a few days before, as they store well. So, how about slipping some of them in a pretty package in your sweethearts work-bag. I am sure that makes a nice surprise.

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